Kays Hygiene Products Limited

Company   Profile

Kays  Hygiene  Products Ltd is a manufacturing Company based in Mikocheni light  Industrial area ,Dar es Salaam. The Company started production offeminine sanitary pads and absorbent cotton woolin September 1985 and has been remained operational till today.

Using Germany technology Kays operates three line production plants producing:

  1. 1. Straight sanitary pads brand names, JASSY Regular, JASSY Dry weave andKAYTEX maternity.
  2. 2. Winged sanitary pads brand names, Kipepeo Super and Kipepeo Soft.
  3. 3. Absorbent cotton wool line (KAYWOOL)packed in rolls of 50gms, 100gms, 200gms and 500gms.

All Sanitary Pads use imported Raw materials from Europe The products are free from chemicals unlike most Imported ones, thus assuring users of good health and comfort

Kays has a long term  commitment to providing high quality and affordable to all income groups including students.The plant’s high production capacity  rate guarantees enough supply of products to cater for Tanzanian,  East  and Central African market. It is a  company their prides  itself of  producing quality goods locally, building skills and providing jobs, Kays Hygiene Products Ltd is a member of the Confederation of Tanzanian  Industries(CTI), the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture(TCCIA) and Tanzania Private Sector Foundation(TPSF).

P.O.BOX 22712  Dares Salaam Tanzania

Mikocheni  Light Industrial Area



E-mail   kays@bol.co.tz